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शर्त लगी थी खुशीयों को एक लफ्ज़ मे लिखने की....लोग किताबे ढुँढते रह गये, मैंने मनोरंग लिख दिया

- May 2017

Saroj Chandani | Social Worker
Passion : Social Work,Theatre

Manorang Theatre group clearly stands by its name. Manorang means Mann ke rang and I have been given freedom to show mine. Thank you manorang team for helping me to understand the word satisfaction.

भिन्न भिन्न होकर तुम्ही से,अभिन्न सा मैं हूँ !

Abhishek Dubey | Working Professional
Passion : Theatre

Manorang- a place with wonderful people and great talent, where the young and old are in the same platform for the mutual love of theatre, where one can manage ones passion alongside ones profession. For me it's Godsend!! Giving me immense joy and happiness.

Shobha Shankaran | Working Professional
Passion : Theatre

Manorang, at first was just a theatre class for me, just a weekend time pass, but it turned out to be so much more than that. I had the privilege of meeting great artists, and working with them was an even better experience. It's been a beautiful journey, right from the workshop, to the play.Kudos to the entire team.

Molina Dubey | Student
Passion : Music ,Films

"Theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation" Stella Adair. I reciprocate the same thought for Manorang which an interesting mix of people coupled with an environment which is absolutely different from the one in which we live.

Being a part of a play is just one of the very small fraction of the entire experience and I count myself lucky to have such a facility next door. Thanks a ton team Manorang for the creative vent you provide to all of us.

Shweta Sharma | Working Professional
Passion: Theatre

The journey from attending workshops and performing exercises  to rehearsing for our show and finally performing on stage was an amazing and fun-filled one. We all got to learn a lot and make many friends overall and have lots of fun. It was really interesting for us kids as we got a break from studies.

Performing on stage is something I recommend everyone to try at least once in their life. 

Yashaswini Kulkarni | Student
Passion: Theatre

I have joined "MANORANG" to pull my dullnes after retirement  with no expectations...But the experience turned out to be so amazing,wonderfull and out of the world !!! "MANORANG" people are highly educated, highly talented still very caring,responsible , disciplined and cultured.

They have given me so much of love and tremendous respect. I am charged with great  positivity :-)

Anuradha Burkule | Retired Banker
Passion: Theatre

I had joined Manorang only to break out of my usual routine but it has turned out to be so much more.

I  learnt a lot about improvisation and just losing your inhibitions. From the workshops to the rehearsals for the play, we all ended up becoming a family with almost each one of us knowing 50 people from almost every age group.

As far as the experience goes, words cannot describe it, you need to experience it yourself!

Shreya Kaushik | IT Professional
Passion: Theatre
Creative ideas, Well stitched together, Quite humorous & Very pleasing experience.
Rajesh Passi | Working Professional
Passion: Dance, Theatre
The kids had a great level of engagement.
Ganesh Pande | Working Professional
I enjoy it. I learnt a little acting and various other things needed for a skit.
Shreshta Raghavan Iyer | Student
Passion: Music
I enjoy the practise sessions with all the other members and performing on the stage gives a level of confidence.
An effective medium to convey social messages.
Arnav Pandrekar | Student
Passion: Theatre
They were entertaining at the same time communicated message to community.
They were flawless.
Nisha pande | Homemaker
Passion: Dance, Music
It's fun learning to perform on stage,actually I should say my stage fear disappeared after being part of the plays which are attention catching and also tell us a lot of things in very short period of time.
Nisha Khurana | Homemaker
Passion: Dance
I have enjoyed every event and role I have played, the journey through the rehearsals and various activities were enriching.
It has given me a platform to showcase and explore my talent.
Apart from the play and acting I think the learnings are immense, I learned team work, coordination, timing, importance of backstage, makeup and loads of other things that goes in making a successful stage event .
Varun Vyawahare | Student
Passion: Theatre, Films
I love our plays, they are well scripted, entertaining and provide an excellent creative outlet to working professionals like me whose otherwise professional lives are quite mundane and hectic.
Experience is truely enriching ,also acting roles gives us a good avenue to study characters for various roles.
Pravin Khatal | Working Professional
Passion: Theatre, Films
Theatre Workshop for Beginners Thane, Weekend Theatre Workshop Thane, Drama Classes for kids Thane, Theatre Group Thane, Acting Classes Thane Theatre Workshop for Beginners Thane, Weekend Theatre Workshop Thane, Drama Classes for kids Thane, Theatre Group Thane, Acting Classes Thane